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What We Do

APC Technologies Inc. (APC) is a leading supplier of air pollution control products that has served Fortune 500/Global 1000 companies as well as small businesses for over two decades. APC’s purpose is to support industrial customers and municipalities in economically meeting all of their air pollution control requirements. Over the years, APC has garnered a reputation among air pollution control system companies as the company that will tackle the most difficult air pollution control applications. APC employs multiple treatment steps, where required, to handle some of the messiest and more challenging solid, liquid and gas phase emissions that customers face.

We are also proud to be known for offering multiple air pollution control technology options for a single application, allowing comparisons to be made between equipment options.

Our Leading Control Systems

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APC Ultra High-Efficiency Filter System installed at a scrap metal recycling and shredder plant.

Who We Serve

APC has many Fortune 500/Global 1000 customers, with an equally long list of small business customers whom APC is likewise proud to serve. While the majority of APC’s customers are located in North America, APC is increasingly shipping equipment overseas. We thank our valued customers as APC begins its third decade of tackling your most challenging air pollution control needs, around the world. Check out our Selected Customers List and our Project Gallery to learn more about our work.

APC air pollution control systems are in use at the locations below.

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Contact APC’s team of experts today to address your air pollution control system needs.