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About Us

APC Technologies Inc. (APC), a leading supplier of air pollution control products, was formed by a handful of investors in 2003 through the acquisition of the technologies of another air pollution control system company. APC’s purpose was, and remains, to support industrial customers and municipalities in meeting all of their air pollution control needs economically. Over the years, APC has become known among air pollution control system companies as a company that can offer multiple air pollution control technology options for a single application, and also as the company that will tackle the most difficult air pollution control applications, customizing each air pollution control system to the customer’s requirements.

From 2003 to 2006, the company invested significantly in R&D to bring a versatile fine particulate matter control device that simultaneously provides oil mist control to market, a device that evolved into APC’s unique Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) unit. The UHF®’s versatility and robustness have been demonstrated over the years in over 20 different industries, handling some of the messiest and most challenging solid and liquid phase fine particulate emissions.

During the same period, APC also grew rapidly by providing VOC control and odor control equipment. The company frequently addresses such applications by applying activated carbon adsorption systems, along with thermal and catalytic oxidizers. APC’s depth of expertise regarding activated carbon adsorption system technology for VOC control and odor control and its installed base of carbon adsorption systems are at the top among air pollution control system companies.

Utilizing its depth of knowledge of activated carbon adsorption systems for VOC control and odor control equipment, APC became a recognized leader in providing mercury emission control systems, which utilize activated carbon-based media. Beyond these areas of leadership, APC has steadily addressed customer needs for acid gas control and soluble VOC control with its GP line of packed-bed wet scrubbers and addressed high-loading particulate control applications with its VP line of venturi scrubbers. In many cases, APC’s air pollution control systems include multiple stages to remove several air contaminants with one system, giving APC a reputation for tackling some of the most complex and difficult air pollution control problems with its customized solutions.

APC has many Fortune 100 and Global 1000 customers, with an equally long list of small business customers whom APC is likewise proud to serve. APC’s air pollution control systems have been provided to customers across the world as shown below. Contact APC’s team of experts today to address your air pollution control system needs.

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