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Acid Gas Removal

For acid gas removal of HCL, HF, SOX, H2S (hydrogen sulfide), Cl2, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and other acid gases, APC offers:

APC’s GP Series Packed Tower Scrubbers are well suited for many acid gas removal applications, including common contaminants such as HCl, HF, and H2S. GP packed tower scrubbers maximize absorption of acid gases through proper design based on up-front modeling and the use of high-efficiency low-loss packing. GP Series scrubbers offer corrosion and temperature-resistant construction, with vertical, horizontal, and multi-stage units available.

SOX Removal

For SOX removal, APC offers dry scrubbers, sorbent injection systems, wet GP Series scrubber systems, and in some cases CarbonPure Adsorption Systems. APC’s dry scrubbers and sorbent injection systems utilize sorbent (e.g., lime, trona, sodium bicarbonate) injection properly selected and dosed for effective SOX removal. System equipment supply can include sorbent injection system, baghouse, system fan, interconnecting ductwork, instrumentation, and controls. Where ‘enhanced’ (beyond all-dry) removal is required for additional removal efficiency, APC offers additional solutions.

H2S, Cl2, and HCl Removal

For H2S, Cl2, and HCl removal, APC also offers its CarbonPure Adsorption Systems, which utilize single or multi-bed systems with tailored media to remove the contaminant(s) present with a dry, chemisorption process.

When particulate is co-present with acid gases and also must be removed, APC’s dry scrubbers and sorbent injection systems are typically ideal. Depending on the application, these exhaust gases may also be treated using a two-stage system, with a first-stage Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) unit, or baghouse, followed by a second-stage, wet GP Series Packed Tower Scrubber to achieve the required acid gas removal efficiency.

For certain smaller applications, APC can furnish a unique, low-cost single unit – its HX UHF® unit – which simultaneously removes particulate, mist, and acid gas in one compact, low-cost unit.

Applications for APC’s Acid Gas Removal Systems

Include: aluminum processing, biomass furnaces, municipal and industrial boilers, chemical plants, electronics, etching, food industry, foundries, incinerators (all types), industrial furnaces, kilns (all types), metals finishing, mining industry, oil and petrochemical applications, plating operations, power plants, pulp and paper manufacture, recycling operations, rendering, secondary metals, sewage sludge incinerators, titanium operations, wastewater treatment plants, and others.