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Activated Carbon Adsorption Systems

High Control Efficiency

APC Technologies’ activated carbon adsorption systems can provide 98-99%+ control efficiency for many volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, other sulfurous and organic compounds, odors, mercury, Cl2, HCl, other acid gases, siloxanes, and other gaseous contaminants. For using activated carbon for mercury emissions control, click on Mercury Emission Control

Pre-Filter Extends Carbon Life of Activated Carbon Adsorption Systems

In cases where fine particulate, oil mist, or aerosol are also present, exhaust gases are first drawn through APC’s exclusive Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) unit. This filter removes all fine solid- and liquid-phase contaminants from the gas stream, ensuring high removal efficiency and greatly extending the life of the activated carbon bed.

Solvent Recovery

The majority of activated carbon adsorption systems are once-through with the activated carbon being sent off-site for disposal or regeneration after it is spent. If solvent recovery is desired, however, a condenser or chiller-condenser combination can be used, or the saturated carbon bed can be periodically regenerated in situ with steam. After the steam has cleaned the bed, solvents can be separated from the condensed steam and recycled back to the process.

Applications for CarbonPure Activated Carbon Adsorption Systems

APC’s CarbonPure activated carbon adsorption systems provide high-efficiency removal of gas-phase contaminants such as VOCs, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, odors, mercury, Cl2, HCl, other acid gases, siloxanes, and other gaseous contaminants.

Activated carbon adsorption system applications include: adhesives, aluminum rolling mills, other aluminum fabrication plants, asphalt plants and terminals, bakeries, EV battery and lithium-ion battery plants, cannabis, chemical plants, coating operations, composites, drying ovens, food processing, furniture manufacture, foundries, indoor plant air, lubricant production, oil pipeline terminals, oil refineries, painting operations, petrochemical plants, plastics, polymers, printing, pulp and paper manufacture, metals fabrication, rendering, resins, roofing products, rubber products, pharmaceuticals, scrap recycling, sealants, solar power plants, spray drying operations, steel fabrication, textile finishing, tire operations, wastewater treatment, and others.

Activated Carbon Adsorption System Proven Through Performance

CarbonPure activated carbon adsorption systems have a proven record of reliability and consistent performance across a variety of industries and demanding environments.

Activated Carbon Systems


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