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Venturi Scrubbers

Principle of Operation

Venturi scrubbers utilize inertial impaction for high-efficiency removal of dust, particulate, aerosol, and mists. A venturi throat accelerates the gas stream to very high velocity, shearing the scrubbing liquid into minute droplets. The fine liquid droplets collide with and entrap the contaminants in the gas stream. The contaminated liquid particles are removed, leaving a clean exhaust.

High Control Efficiency

APC’s VP Series venturi scrubbers are designed for high control efficiency, particularly on particulate sizes of 1 micron and larger, and are also typically supplied with an adjustable venturi throat to provide additional control efficiency if/as needed.

Combine with Other Systems

VP Series scrubbers can be located upstream of APC’s UHF® (Ultra High-Efficiency Filter) System, which serves as a final polishing stage for very fine particulate. VP scrubbers can also be used in series with APC’s Gas Purification (GP Series) packed-tower scrubbers to control both particulate and gas-phase contaminants.

Customized Materials

Corrosion and/or temperature-resistant construction are available depending on the specific requirements of the application. Materials of construction for our venturi scrubbers can include carbon steel, stainless steel, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), hastelloy and others.

Broad Range of Applications

VP Series venturi scrubbers control a variety of particulate matter, aerosol, and mists and are typically best suited for applications with very high particulate loading levels. Applications for VP scrubbers include acid plants, adhesives, asphalt plants, blast furnaces, chemical plants, food processing, foundries, incinerators, lime kilns, metals industry, plastics, power plants, pulp and paper manufacture, rendering, resins, smelting, wastewater treatment emissions, and wood products manufacture, among many others.

Proven Through Performance

APC’s VP Series scrubbers have a proven record of reliability and consistent performance across a variety of industrial applications and demanding environments.