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Dry Scrubbers – Baghouses

APC Technologies, Inc.’s dry scrubbers, specifically our PC Series coated baghouses, can offer the best combination of performance and cost for applications involving particulate removal and removal of SO2, HCl, HF, mercury and other gaseous contaminants. Applications typically include industrial boilers, incinerators (all types), and industrial furnaces.

For acid gases such as SO2, HCl, HF, PC Series dry scrubber systems utilize a variety of sorbents including hydrated lime, trona, and sodium bicarbonate.

For mercury removal, APC supplies powdered activated carbon (PAC) injection systems.

System supply is single source and includes a sorbent injection system, a coated baghouse, system fan, interconnecting ductwork, heat exchangers if/as needed, and instrumentation and controls.

APC’s pulse-jet dry scrubbers have been proven across many industries and are custom-engineered to the application requirements.

Where ‘enhanced’ wet/dry removal is required for additional removal efficiency, APC also offers solutions.