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Particulate Matter Control Devices

Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) Systems

APC Technologies, Inc.’s Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) systems use a special design for both solid particulate and liquid/mist control including smoke, oil mist, condensed hydrocarbon fumes, haze, heavy metals, dust, and bacteria emissions with control efficiency of up to and in excess of 99% including sub-micron size particulate. Applications for UHF® filter systems range down to particle sizes of less than 0.05 micron. When the particulate is sticky, oily, and/or corrosive, the UHF® is especially advantageous as the UHF® has no issues with blinding or plugging; rather, the filter is designed to blind off, and a new section of fresh filter is advanced into the unit.

The UHF® system provides for substantially lower space requirements than alternate technologies, resulting in low capital costs. Units come in renewable and non-renewable filter types. Filter replacement is simple and can be performed while the system is online, for 24/7 operation with no downtime. Click here for more information on UHF® filter systems.

Venturi Scrubbers

Venturi scrubbers are a type of wet scrubber made for particulate removal, typically best applied in applications where the particulate size is larger in size (e.g., > 1 micron) and present in the exhaust gas at high concentrations. A venturi throat accelerates the gas stream to very high velocity, shearing the scrubbing water into minute droplets. The fine liquid droplets collide with and entrap the contaminants in the gas stream. The contaminated liquid particles are removed, leaving a clean exhaust. Solids can be removed from the water and some of the scrubbing water recycled. APC’s venturi scrubbers are typically furnished with an adjustable venturi throat to adjust pressure drop, flow, and control efficiency if/as needed. For more information on APC’s VP Series Venturi Scrubbers, please click here.

PC Series Baghouses

For dry particulate matter control, APC provides a full line of pulse-jet baghouses. For exhaust gas streams with gas-phase contaminants including HCl, HF, SOx, mercury and VOCs, APC’s PC Series Dry Scrubbers with baghouses may be an excellent solution. Want more information on these dry scrubbing systems? Please click here. APC can furnish the dry sorbent injection system or the DSI system with the baghouse.

APC also offers high-efficiency cyclones, drop-boxes and HEPA filter banks. Cyclones and drop-boxes are commonly used as a pre-filter ahead of a more efficient final filter, particularly in applications with high particulate loading levels.

APC’s particulate matter control device applications include: adhesives, aluminum rolling mill and forging plants, asphalt plants, auto recycling, bakeries, biomass furnaces, boilers, chemical plants, coating operations, combustion process emissions, extrusion coating, fertilizer, foam products manufacture, food and beverage processing, foundries, gold processing, waste and sludge incinerators, insulation, lime kilns, lubricants, metals industry and related processes, mining, oil mists, oven dryers, packaging, plastics, polymers, power plants, printing, pulp and paper operations, refractory, rendering, resins, roofing products, rubber products, pharmaceuticals, scrap recycling plants, sealants, sludge incinerators, spray drying, steel fabrication, syngas cleaning, textile finishing, tire operations, titanium, turbine gas intake, and wood products manufacture.