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Wet Scrubbers – Packed Tower Scrubbers

High Control Efficiency

APC gas purification (GP) wet scrubbers maximize absorption of acid gases and other gas contaminants through use of high-efficiency packing and proven designs, achieving in excess of 99% control efficiency in many applications.

Versatile and Rugged

GP packed tower scrubbers can be designed as multi-stage units for selective control of multiple gas-phase contaminants. Horizontal units and roof-mounting are available for applications where ceiling height is a constraint. Temperature- and corrosion-resistant construction is used based on the specific requirements of the application.

Broad Range of Applications

APC’s GP wet scrubbers control a variety of gas-phase contaminants, including acid gases (HCl, HF, SOx), odors, VOCs, and other chemical vapors and aerosols. For wet scrubbers for removal of particulate, aerosol, and/or oil mist, please see APC’s VP Series Venturi Scrubbers. Applications include: aluminum processing, bakeries, chemical plants, electronics, etching, food processing, foundries, incinerators (all types), laboratory emissions, landfill gas treatment, metals finishing, plating operations, power plants, printing operations, pulp and paper manufacture, rendering, secondary metals, wastewater treatment plants, and wood products manufacture.

Low Capital and Operating Cost

GP scrubber systems provide for compact design, low space requirements, very low capital cost, and low operating costs.

Proven Through Performance

GP wet scrubbers have a proven record of reliability and consistent performance across a variety of industrial applications and demanding environments.