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Sorbent Injection Systems – Mercury and Acid Gas Control

In conjunction with APC’s line of Dry Scrubbers – Coated Baghouses, APC offers sorbent injection systems for injection and mixing of sorbents such as hydrated lime, trona, sodium bicarbonate, or powdered activated carbon (PAC), into the exhaust gas stream.

Sorbent injection systems can include the following components, depending on application requirements:

  • Bulk bag unloaders including:
    • Bag support hopper to seat and seal bulk bag;
    • Fork lift adapter or hoist and trolley;
    • Dust collection system; and
    • Vibrator/gyrator on hopper.
  • Flexible feeders for conveying materials to injection point via automatic refill.
  • Metered feeders for accurate sorbent feed into gas system including:
    • Integral hopper;
    • Feed screw and tube;
    • Motor and gear reducer with motor controller mounted in control panel; and
    • High/low level probes on hopper for automated refill.

Where “enhanced” or wet/dry slurry injection and gas mixing vessel is required for higher removal efficiency, APC also offers solutions.