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Catalytic Purification (CP Series) Catalytic Oxidizer Systems

High Control Efficiency

APC Technologies Inc.’s CP Series Catalytic Oxidizer Systems use high-efficiency catalysts to achieve very high control levels at low operating temperatures, providing substantial savings in natural gas costs. The system effectively controls VOCs, odors, fumes, and other gas-phase contaminants and is especially advantageous for exhaust streams with low or moderate heat content. In addition to operating at lower temperatures, CP Series Catalytic Oxidizer Systems maximize heat recovery through primary heat exchangers to preheat incoming air with outgoing exhaust, and secondary heat exchangers that can provide process steam, heat, or chilled water, and plant heating and cooling. Efficient heat utilization can provide an attractive return on investment.

Unique High-Efficiency Pre-Filter

APC’s unique Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) unit removes sub-micron particulate and aerosol prior to entering the oxidizer, eliminating catalyst fouling and often extending the life of the catalyst by 50% or more, substantially reducing operating and maintenance costs. The UHF® unit also preserves the heat recovery efficiency of the system’s heat exchangers.

Lower Operating Costs

APC’s CP oxidizer systems have very low operating and maintenance costs as the presence of the high-efficiency catalyst lowers fuel costs substantially compared to conventional thermal oxidizers. Additionally, APC’s unique UHF® pre-filter extends catalyst life and preserves heat recovery efficiency.

Broad Range of Applications

Applications for CP oxidation systems include asphalt operations, bakeries, coating operations, chemical plants, food processing, furniture manufacture, foundries, groundwater stripping, landfill gas treatment, oil processing/storage tank vent gas, painting operations, plastics, polymers and resin manufacture, printing, pulp and paper manufacture, rendering, roofing manufacture, pharmaceuticals, smokehouses, textile finishing, wastewater treatment, and wood products manufacture.

Proven Through Performance

CP catalytic oxidizer systems have a proven track record of reliable and superior performance in a variety of industrial applications and demanding environments.