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Oil Mist Control

Oil Mist ControlAPC Technologies offers four technologies for oil mist control, condensed hydrocarbon fumes, aerosols, overspray, and other condensed fumes: Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) systems, VP Series venturi scrubbers and thermal and catalytic oxidation systems.

For the vast majority of oil mist control applications, APC’s Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) system is ideally suited, offering lower capital, control efficiency of up to 99.9%, and substantially lower operating and maintenance costs. The UHF® system offers simultaneous high-efficiency removal of the oil/condensed fume aerosol and any solid particulate matter, without any plugging problems at all, providing consistent air flow/process ventilation, no process downtime for filter replacement, and extremely low maintenance costs.

APC’s VP Series Venturi Scrubbers provide high removal efficiencies on oil mists and aerosol streams with larger particle sizes at low capital cost.

APC’s CP Catalytic Oxidizers can be further used where VOC control is also required and use high-efficiency catalysts to achieve 97%-99+% destruction of the hydrocarbons at lower operating temperatures. APC applies the unique Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) as a pre-filter to protect the catalyst and typically guarantees catalyst life at a minimum of 3 years. Depending on hydrocarbon loading and heat content of the gas stream, APC’s catalytic oxidizers may require little or no natural gas to sustain required temperatures, through use of high-efficiency heat exchangers.

APC’s ThermPure Thermal Oxidizers can be used where VOC control is also required also and provide very high control efficiencies – 99% plus – through high-temperature conversion of the hydrocarbons to products of combustion. APC offers primary and secondary heat exchangers to maximize the energy efficiency of the thermal oxidizer.

APC’s oil mist control applications include: adhesives, aluminum rolling mills, other aluminum fabrication plants,  asphalt plants and terminals, bakeries, biomass furnaces, chemical plants, coating operations, coffee production, composites, drying ovens, food processing, furniture manufacture, foundries, lubricant production, oil pipeline terminals, oil refineries, painting operations, petrochemical plants, plastics, polymers, printing, pulp and paper manufacture, metals fabrication, recycling plants, rendering, resins, roofing products, rubber products, pharmaceuticals, sealants, solar power plants, spray drying operations, textile finishing, tire operations, and others.