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VOC Control

Volatile Organic Compounds

APC Technologies offers five technologies for VOC Control:

Choosing VOC Control Technology

A variety of factors should be considered when selecting a VOC control technology, including regulatory requirements, VOC loading of the gas stream, and lifecycle cost of each system. APC has no bias toward any technology and is pleased to propose multiple technologies with comparison of capital and operating costs.

VOC Control Applications

Include: adhesives, aluminum rolling mills, other aluminum fabrication plants, asphalt plants and terminals, bakeries, chemical plants, coating operations, composites chemical plants, drying ovens, food processing, furniture manufacture, foundries, lubricant production, oil pipeline terminals, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, painting operations, plastics, polymers, printing, pulp and paper manufacture, metals fabrication, rendering resins, rubber products, pharmaceuticals, sealants, solar power plants, spray drying operations, textile finishing, tire operations, wastewater treatment, and others.