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APC UHF® Filter Systems Significantly Extend RTO Media Life

APC UHF Filter Systems

Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) systems from APC Technologies, Inc. use exclusive technology that provides significant payback for applications involving the use of regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) to control emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). APC has assisted a number of clients who were experiencing issues associated with particulate build-up within their RTOs by adding UHF® units ahead of the RTOs. The UHF®systems extended RTO media life from six months to over two years, significantly reducing plant downtime and operating costs.

Ultra High-Efficiency Filter UHF® Systems from APC Technologies

A leading innovator in air pollution control solutions, APC Technologies has developed the UHF® technology, which features a unique and proprietary design for removal of fine condensed and solid particulate emissions with control efficiency of up to and in excess of 99%, including sub-micron size particulate.

  • Proven Performance –  proven track record of dependable performance in demanding application environments
  • Less Space, Low Capital Cost –  simple, compact design requires less space and lower capital cost
  • Low Operating Cost – filter replacement is simple and can be performed while the system is running, in typically minutes, with no downtime 
  • Low Material Cost & Maintenance – inexpensive filter media rolls and virtually no maintenance, even in messy applications

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) Filter Advantages

Many operating plants use regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) systems to control air emissions of VOCs. RTOs are equipped with ceramic mass regenerative heat exchangers, allowing for fast accumulation and yielding of heat for high thermal efficiency. 

When APC UHF® filter systems operate upstream of an RTO, they protect expensive RTO ceramic (heat exchange) media and extend service life to significantly reduce operating costs. Over time, RTO media becomes plugged by particulate matter and requires replacement. This can become very expensive and greatly increase operating cost for plants. The installation of an APC UHF® filter can cut these costs by two-thirds or more.

Fertilizer Plant More Than Doubles RTO Media Life

A recent inspection of RTO media was performed at a fertilizer plant that had been replacing its RTO media approximately every 6 months. Upon installing a UHF® filter upstream of the RTO, the plant found that the RTO media looked like new, nearly 18 months following installation. With rapid payback projected on their investment, the plant management is beyond satisfied with their decision to install a UHF® filter unit to extend the life of the RTO ceramic media. 

To learn more about how APC Technologies can improve your operations with efficient and effective air pollution control solutions, contact us today.

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