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APC Starts Up Seven UHF® Filter Systems on Packaging Plants’ Extrusion Lines in Midwest

Background A large flexible packaging company needed to address air pollution and emission challenges in multiple plants located in the Midwest of the United States. This company specializes in the production of flexible packaging solutions, used on a wide range of end products. To maintain a healthy work environment for employees and comply with emission […]

4000 ACFM Plastic Extr Line
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APC System Meets Stringent Subpart LLLL Mercury and Dioxins-Furans Emission Limits at Sewage Sludge Incinerator (SSI) in Eastern U.S.

Wastewater treatment plants ‘produce’ a cleaned water stream and a dewatered sewage sludge product. To dispose of the sludge, many wastewater treatment facilities employ a sewage sludge incinerator (SSI). The types of SSIs used at wastewater treatment facilities include fluidized bed incinerators and multiple hearth furnaces. USEPA regulates air pollutant emissions from SSIs at wastewater […]

Mercury, Dioxins/Furans, Particulate Control at 4 Sewage Sludge Incinerators
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APC Installs Air Pollution Control Systems at Asphalt Terminal

APC Technologies (APC) installed multiple Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) systems at a large asphalt terminal located in Western Canada. The air pollution control systems were installed to achieve two objectives: Greatly reduce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentrations in the breathing zones of operators, which were at unsafe levels; and Provide oil mist control, particulate control, and […]

APC Air pollution control system installed at an asphalt terminal
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Particulate Matter Control Devices for Auto Shredders

Companies that operate shredders to recycle metals from autos and other scrap are increasingly coming under pressure from regulators to install air pollution control systems, and very frequently, this includes installing particulate matter control devices. The common target of regulators is the emission of fine dust particulate and ‘blue smoke,’ (i.e., oil droplets that evaporate […]

air pollution control systems by APC Technologies
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Air Emissions Control for Sewage Sludge Incinerators (SSIs) at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Many wastewater treatment facilities employ a sewage sludge incinerator (SSI) to burn and thereby dispose of dewatered sewage sludge. The types of SSIs used at wastewater treatment facilities include fluidized bed incinerators and multiple hearth furnaces. These incinerators produce a wide variety of air contaminants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stipulates emission limits for SSIs […]

SSI Wastewater Treatment
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Reasons to Choose Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems (UHF®)

Air filtration systems have become an essential element in the modern industrial workplace. Not only are they necessary for regulatory compliance, they offer a host of advantages in keeping the work environment healthy, productive, and profitable. Most importantly, air filtration systems protect the health and well-being of employees and other people who spend time in […]

Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF) System
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99% Emission Control Efficiency for Textile Plant

In order to meet EPA compliance requirements, a global supplier of textiles needed a solution for controlling emissions of oil mist and fine particulate in their U.S. plant. The company supplies textiles for automotive interiors, which are manufactured using large, coated sheets of fabric in tenter frame ovens. The exhaust from the tenter frames were […]

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Air Pollution Control Systems – A Custom Approach

Air pollution control can be a complicated matter. In a given industrial workplace, a wide range of processes, contaminants and exhaust conditions can be involved. Adding to the complexity is that often different air pollution control technologies (e.g., activated carbon adsorber, oxidizer, etc.) can be used to remove the target contaminant(s). Third, local and federal […]

hepa filter
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Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems for Oil and Other Condensed Fume Emissions

Tackle Oil and Mist Emissions with up to 99% Efficiency When an effective solution is required for the control of oil mist, condensed hydrocarbon fumes, aerosols, overspray, and other condensed fumes including exhaust gas streams with submicron sized droplets, APC Technologies offers ultra-high efficiency filter systems to cost-effectively meet needs in a wide range of […]

uhf filter
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Improving Indoor Air Quality at Manufacturing Plants

Indoor air quality at manufacturing plants has become an increasingly important topic over recent decades, involving regulatory, worker productivity and retention, and health concerns. Commonly, poor indoor air quality in manufacturing plants originates from production process emissions. Either the production equipment emissions are not controlled at all (i.e., no exhaust system), or the existing exhaust […]

UHF unit for indoor air quality
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