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Air Pollution Control Systems – A Custom Approach

Air pollution control can be a complicated matter. In a given industrial workplace, a wide range of processes, contaminants and exhaust conditions can be involved. Adding to the complexity is that often different air pollution control technologies (e.g., activated carbon adsorber, oxidizer, etc.) can be used to remove the target contaminant(s). Third, local and federal regulatory requirements must be clarified and addressed with a factor of safety.

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Because of all of these factors, it is very rare that the pollution control system that best fits one application is ever used in exactly the same form at another application. One size fits not all, but rather one size fits one application. A cost-effective, customized air pollution control system is needed each time.   

The right air pollution control systems partner will be able to:

  • Have experience with air pollution control projects elsewhere in the same industry, including offering references to speak with and/or visit.

  • Have strong knowledge not only of air contaminant removal but also of air contaminant capture systems — hoods, enclosures, and ductwork designs —  all of which in turn affect the air pollution control equipment.

  • Help sort through the different plant processes and conditions to identify the proper design conditions for the system, including conducting stack testing if needed.

  • Offer — and thereby be able to objectively evaluate — different air pollution control technology options to address the issue(s), versus having only one type of equipment and pushing that equipment for many different applications.

  • Be experienced at managing turnkey projects should it be desired by the Owner, from capture hood to stack discharge.

  • Be oriented toward thinking from the position of the Owner, recommending what is in the best interest of the Owner.

  • Be highly responsive not only throughout the project and commissioning, but for the full life of the system.

  • Manage costs such that pricing is reasonable and competitive.

When working with an air pollution control company, work with the company through the above processes, as applicable, to find the custom solution that best fits the plant’s situation, all factors considered.  

APC Technologies has extensive experience in developing custom air pollution systems, from hood to stack and including experience providing a wide range of control technologies, to address a wide variety of airborne pollutants including fine particulate, oil mists, smoke, haze, odors, VOCs, HAPs, mercury and more. Contact us to discuss your project.

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