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APC Systems for the Electric Vehicle Battery Industry

Electric Car Charging

With electric vehicles steadily gaining in popularity, the EV battery industry is growing to meet the demand for vehicles. As most electric cars currently use lithium-ion batteries, the need to control process emissions has become extremely important.

The lithium-ion battery production process commonly includes a coating process with subsequent dryers that can emit certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) is a frequently-emitted VOC, and there are other VOCs that can be emitted during the battery production process as well. A significant portion of the emitted NMP can be recovered through a chiller-condenser combination and optionally recycled to the process. The remaining NMP, or other VOCs that may be present, can be removed from the exhaust gas stream with a properly-designed activated carbon bed.

APC has many years of experience successfully providing VOC emission control systems that use activated carbon adsorption and/or condensers. Providing emission control equipment for the recovery and removal of NMP or other VOCs from EV battery production exhaust gases is a straightforward problem for APC’s engineers to successfully solve for your or your client’s plant.

For more information on APC’s VOC control systems including our CarbonPure activated carbon adsorption systems, please see the VOC Control page on our website.

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