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APC Systems for the Electric Vehicle Battery Industry

With electric vehicles steadily gaining in popularity, the EV battery industry is growing to meet the demand for vehicles. As most electric cars currently use lithium-ion batteries, the need to control process emissions has become extremely important. The lithium-ion battery production process commonly includes a coating process with subsequent dryers that can emit certain volatile […]

Electric Car Charging
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New Case Study Details Particulate Matter Control Solution for Auto Shredder Scrap and Metal Recycling

Increasing concern for sustainability and the environment has led to growing focus on the recycling of our planet’s resources. In some cases, the recycling process itself can create new pollution problems, which require effective solutions. As a leading comprehensive solution provider to the scrap metal recycling industry, WENDT Corp. recognized the need for an air […]

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Cannabis VOC Control and Odor Control (2 of 2)

Commercial cannabis growing, harvesting, drying and extraction operations all release odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be regulated by local authorities and/or considered a nuisance by employees and/or neighbors. At times, Owners need to take action and install cannabis a VOC control or odor control system. An earlier blog (see Cannabis Odor Control […]

cannabis VOC control and odor control
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VOCs, Odors, H2S and Visible Emissions Eliminated

Project Overview Emissions were causing serious problems for a large asphalt terminal located near a residential neighborhood. Elevated concentrations of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and VOCs were creating offensive odors, which bothered residents in the area. Visible emissions were also an issue. Located at the asphalt terminal are five large storage tanks, which hold asphalt at […]

VOC's, odors, H2S and visible emissions eliminated by APC Technologies
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Improving Indoor Air Quality at Manufacturing Plants

Indoor air quality at manufacturing plants has become an increasingly important topic over recent decades, involving regulatory, worker productivity and retention, and health concerns. Commonly, poor indoor air quality in manufacturing plants originates from production process emissions. Either the production equipment emissions are not controlled at all (i.e., no exhaust system), or the existing exhaust […]

UHF unit for indoor air quality
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