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New Case Study Details Particulate Matter Control Solution for Auto Shredder Scrap and Metal Recycling

Wendt System

Increasing concern for sustainability and the environment has led to growing focus on the recycling of our planet’s resources. In some cases, the recycling process itself can create new pollution problems, which require effective solutions.

As a leading comprehensive solution provider to the scrap metal recycling industry, WENDT Corp. recognized the need for an air pollution control solution for their scrap metal shredders and partnered with air pollution control expert, APC Technologies.

Mitigating Metal Shredding Emission Risks

The emission of wet, oily dust, particle fluff, and extremely fine ‘blue smoke’ is an inherent by-product of the shredding of metal and scrap. In recent years, the EPA and state/local regulatory agencies have focused growing attention on these recycling operations and the emission of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), acid gasses and other air contaminants.

Agencies have increased regulations on auto shredders in particular, enforcing very low emission limits for particulate matter (Total Particulate Matter, PM10, and PM2.5). High-efficiency removal of all particulate sizes, including submicron sizes is required for these operations.

Equipping Auto Shredders for Emission Compliance

Many shredders are not equipped with an integrated particulate matter control device. Among those that do have equipment installed, most lack the capability to remove the fine portion of the particulate matter emitted, which is a few microns in size and down into the submicron sizes. This fine portion of particulate matter can easily lead a shredder to fail a stack test for compliance.

The objective for WENDT and APC was to meet the regulatory limits for particulate matter emissions applicable to the specific site and adequately protect downstream emission control equipment with the lowest cost (capital and operating) and lowest maintenance solution. 

Read this new case study to learn how APC and WENDT worked together to develop the optimal particulate matter control solution for scrap metal shredder equipment and operations.

For inquiries, please contact APC at 412.344.1870 or WENDT at and 716.391.1200.

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