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Reasons to Choose Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems (UHF®)

Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF) System
Air filtration systems have become an essential element in the modern industrial workplace. Not only are they necessary for regulatory compliance, they offer a host of advantages in keeping the work environment healthy, productive, and profitable. Most importantly, air filtration systems protect the health and well-being of employees and other people who spend time in the work environment. The protection also extends to the equipment and the facility itself.

The efficiency of the filtration system is a critical part of effective air pollutant control. Using inefficient air filter systems can be very costly in terms of wasted energy, additional maintenance costs, and damaged equipment. A wide range of air filtration options are available on the market, and in many cases, the cheapest ones end up being the most expensive. That is because initial cost is only part of the equation. It is important to look at the long term performance of an air filtration system in considering its cost.

When air filtration is needed in challenging environments such as rolling mills, metal fabrication plants, foundries, and more, APC Technologies, Inc. offers our Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF®) technology. Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems (UHF®) control oil mists, wet/sticky and or oily dust, condensed hydrocarbons, smoke, haze, submicron particulate, indoor plant air, and certain odors.

Reasons to choose Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems (UHF®):

Proprietary Design Offers Control Efficiency Up to 99% and More

Ultra High-Efficiency Filter systems use a proprietary design to remove fine condensed and solid particulate emissions with control efficiency of up to and in excess of 99% including sub-micron size particulate.

Highly Effective For Oily, Sticky, and Wet Contaminants

The UHF® design is especially advantageous against competing technologies for exhausts that have oily, sticky, and/or wet fine particulate, smoke or mist droplets.

Offers Removal of Certain Gas-Phase Contaminants

UHF® systems can provide some removal of certain gas-phase contaminants such as VOC’s, odors, and acid gases.

Track Record of Proven Performance

Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems (UHF®) have a proven track record of reliability and consistent performance in a wide variety of applications and demanding environments.

UHF® Systems Offer Low Capital Cost

Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems incorporate a simple, compact design with generally much lower space requirements, and low capital cost.

UHF® Systems Offer Low Operating Cost

Filter replacement is simple and performed while the system is on line, in typically 5-10 minutes, with no unit or process downtime. Filter media rolls are inexpensive. The UHF® system is virtually maintenance free, even in the messiest applications.

APC Technologies has extensive experience in developing custom air pollution systems, from hood to stack and including experience providing a wide range of control technologies, to address a wide variety of airborne pollutants including fine particulate, oil mists, smoke, haze, odors, VOCs, HAPs, mercury and more. Contact us to discuss your project.

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