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Effective and Affordable Air Pollution Control

Increasing awareness of the impact airborne contaminants have on human health and the environment has led to a multitude of regulations affecting today’s industrial and commercial operations. To maintain regulatory compliance, businesses are in need of effective and affordable air pollution control products. Unfortunately, most business owners and facility managers do not have the luxury […]

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Acid Gas Removal

When the efficient and effective removal of acid gas is required, APC offers the full range of solutions to address specific application needs. Applications that require acid gas removal systems include industrial boilers, chemical plants, medical and hazardous waste incinerators, sludge incinerators, industrial furnaces, aluminum remelt furnaces, biomass furnaces, kilns, metals finishing, foundries, mining, certain […]

acid gas scrubber
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Mercury Emissions Removal – Your Qualified Partner

Mercury exposure poses a well-documented threat to human health as a neurotoxin. Since mercury is a naturally occurring element in the earth’s crust, certain processes such as mining and combustion of fossil fuel cause mercury to spread and contaminant both air and water. Mercury Emission Control – Your Qualified Partner APC’s team has experience with […]

MercPure Mercury Adsorber System
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99% Emission Control Efficiency for Textile Plant

In order to meet EPA compliance requirements, a global supplier of textiles needed a solution for controlling emissions of oil mist and fine particulate in their U.S. plant. The company supplies textiles for automotive interiors, which are manufactured using large, coated sheets of fabric in tenter frame ovens. The exhaust from the tenter frames were […]

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Air Pollution Control Systems – A Custom Approach

Air pollution control can be a complicated matter. In a given industrial workplace, a wide range of processes, contaminants and exhaust conditions can be involved. Adding to the complexity is that often different air pollution control technologies (e.g., activated carbon adsorber, oxidizer, etc.) can be used to remove the target contaminant(s). Third, local and federal […]

hepa filter
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Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems for Oil and Other Condensed Fume Emissions

Tackle Oil and Mist Emissions with up to 99% Efficiency When an effective solution is required for the control of oil mist, condensed hydrocarbon fumes, aerosols, overspray, and other condensed fumes including exhaust gas streams with submicron sized droplets, APC Technologies offers ultra-high efficiency filter systems to cost-effectively meet needs in a wide range of […]

uhf filter
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Improving Indoor Air Quality at Manufacturing Plants

Indoor air quality at manufacturing plants has become an increasingly important topic over recent decades, involving regulatory, worker productivity and retention, and health concerns. Commonly, poor indoor air quality in manufacturing plants originates from production process emissions. Either the production equipment emissions are not controlled at all (i.e., no exhaust system), or the existing exhaust […]

UHF unit for indoor air quality
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Mercury Emissions Control and Removal from Gas Streams

Mercury emissions can result from a wide range of sources and are drawing increasing attention from federal and state regulators. Mercury is a neurotoxin, and according to the World Health Organization, exposure to even small amounts of mercury can cause serious health problems. Excluding large power plants, sources of airborne mercury emissions include: Wastewater treatment […]

MercPure vessel
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