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Cannabis Odor Control (1 of 2)

Commercial cannabis growing, harvesting, drying and extraction operations all release odors that can be considered nuisance odors by employees and/or neighbors, at times requiring the Owner to take action and install cannabis odor control equipment. This blog addresses odors from the first three of these processes (cannabis growing, harvesting, and drying). A subsequent blog will […]

canabis odor control by APC Technologies
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Particulate Matter Control Devices for Auto Shredders

Companies that operate shredders to recycle metals from autos and other scrap are increasingly coming under pressure from regulators to install air pollution control systems, and very frequently, this includes installing particulate matter control devices. The common target of regulators is the emission of fine dust particulate and ‘blue smoke,’ (i.e., oil droplets that evaporate […]

air pollution control systems by APC Technologies
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Air Emissions Control for Sewage Sludge Incinerators (SSIs) at Wastewater Treatment Plants

Many wastewater treatment facilities employ a sewage sludge incinerator (SSI) to burn and thereby dispose of dewatered sewage sludge. The types of SSIs used at wastewater treatment facilities include fluidized bed incinerators and multiple hearth furnaces. These incinerators produce a wide variety of air contaminants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stipulates emission limits for SSIs […]

SSI Wastewater Treatment
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Four Reliable Odor Control Systems from APC Technologies

Industrial odors can come from many different processes, such as wastewater treatment, foundry processes, oil refining, roofing production, pulp and paper production, asphalt storage and loading, food processing, and chemical production to name a few. Industrial facilities with these types of odor-generating processes may be required to address and treat odors for purpose of employee […]

odor control systems
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VOCs, Odors, H2S and Visible Emissions Eliminated

Project Overview Emissions were causing serious problems for a large asphalt terminal located near a residential neighborhood. Elevated concentrations of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and VOCs were creating offensive odors, which bothered residents in the area. Visible emissions were also an issue. Located at the asphalt terminal are five large storage tanks, which hold asphalt at […]

VOC's, odors, H2S and visible emissions eliminated by APC Technologies
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Improving Indoor Air Quality with Air Pollution Solutions

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been identified by the EPA as one of the top five most critical environmental risks to public health. It is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that most Americans spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Those employed in office jobs spend approximately 40 hours […]

air quality solutions
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Reasons to Choose Ultra-High Efficiency Filter Systems (UHF®)

Air filtration systems have become an essential element in the modern industrial workplace. Not only are they necessary for regulatory compliance, they offer a host of advantages in keeping the work environment healthy, productive, and profitable. Most importantly, air filtration systems protect the health and well-being of employees and other people who spend time in […]

Ultra High-Efficiency Filter (UHF) System
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Effective and Affordable Air Pollution Control

Increasing awareness of the impact airborne contaminants have on human health and the environment has led to a multitude of regulations affecting today’s industrial and commercial operations. To maintain regulatory compliance, businesses are in need of effective and affordable air pollution control products. Unfortunately, most business owners and facility managers do not have the luxury […]

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Acid Gas Removal

When the efficient and effective removal of acid gas is required, APC offers the full range of solutions to address specific application needs. Applications that require acid gas removal systems include industrial boilers, chemical plants, medical and hazardous waste incinerators, sludge incinerators, industrial furnaces, aluminum remelt furnaces, biomass furnaces, kilns, metals finishing, foundries, mining, certain […]

acid gas scrubber
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Mercury Emissions Removal – Your Qualified Partner

Mercury exposure poses a well-documented threat to human health as a neurotoxin. Since mercury is a naturally occurring element in the earth’s crust, certain processes such as mining and combustion of fossil fuel cause mercury to spread and contaminant both air and water. Mercury Emission Control – Your Qualified Partner APC’s team has experience with […]

MercPure Mercury Adsorber System
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