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Effective and Affordable Air Pollution Control

industrial air pollution control

Increasing awareness of the impact airborne contaminants have on human health and the environment has led to a multitude of regulations affecting today’s industrial and commercial operations. To maintain regulatory compliance, businesses are in need of effective and affordable air pollution control products. Unfortunately, most business owners and facility managers do not have the luxury of a large engineering staff to sort through various options of air pollution control products and air pollution control system companies. All too often, the wrong air pollution control products are implemented, leading to installed air pollution control systems that are inadequate, inefficient, or high maintenance.

Due to the diverse range of production processes, exhaust conditions, and regulatory bodies involved, air pollution control system companies must (or should, at least!) be ready and willing to do work up front for the customer: deciding what key data are needed for preliminary design of the air pollution control system; supporting the customer as needed to assemble (or make sound estimates for) all of the pertinent data; and performing preliminary engineering, with costing, for an affordable, customized air pollution control system. Further, air pollution control system companies should do all of this work free of charge for the customer, except in rare circumstances. Very seldom are mass-produced, off-the-shelf air pollution control products called for; designing proper air pollution control products requires a partnering process and up-front work by the air pollution control system company.

APC provides the customized attention described above, and does so for air pollutants including all of the following:

  • Total Particulate Matter – Filterable and Condensable
  • PM2.5 (fine inhalable particles, with diameters generally 2.5 microns and smaller)
  • PM10 (particles with diameters generally 10 microns and smaller)
  • Mercury Emissions
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Odors
  • Oil Mist
  • Smoke
  • Visible Emissions/Opacity
  • Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)
  • Acid Gases

A wide range of air pollution control products can be employed to address the above contaminants, such as a variety of particulate control devices (e.g., baghouses and UHF® units), activated carbon adsorption systems, dry sorbent injection systems, venturi scrubbers, packed bed wet scrubbers, and multiple types of oxidizers. The key to finding effective and affordable air pollution control products is working with a partner who will work to get things engineered correctly up front as described above, doing so free of charge, and who can provide a comparison of air pollution control technology options and prices, doing so fairly because the company offers multiple types of technologies (rather than pushing you toward their one type of equipment). This process is how to avoid “inadequate, inefficient, and high maintenance” air pollution control products, and this process is what APC Technologies provides to every customer.

Air pollution control system design typically involves more than a just air pollution control products, so it is also important that your air pollution control partner not only has expertise in air contaminant removal but also is experienced with related elements such as hoods, enclosures, ductwork, fans and stacks.

Your air pollution control system company should work with you as a partner to find the custom solution that best fits your facility and process.

APC Technologies is one of the most experienced air pollution system companies, offers one of the widest ranges of control technologies, and does the up-front work needed to get the air pollution control system design right. Contact APC today to discuss your air pollution control needs.

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